Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attened Crossfire Masters Commission?
Passionate people willing to accept the mandate that God has placed in their lives for themselves and the people around them. Hungry people that are willing to do whatever it takes to see God move in this world. Masters Commission was created to disciple young men & women of God, typically between the ages of 18-25 (not exclusively). Also, eligibility for acceptance requires a high school diploma, or GED.

What will I get out of Crossfire Masters Commission?
In Crossfire Masters Commission students receive an incredible education through INSTE (Institute of Theology by Extension). Our students also take what they learned in the classroom and apply it to every area of their life. With the early church as our example we desire not only to teach about ministry, but to experience ministry. Students of Crossfire Masters Commission will also have the opportunity to travel in outreach evangelism teams to areas all over this country and abroad. At Crossfire Masters Commission, students travel two months out of their nine month stay. On top of all the ministry training, traveling, life experience, and relationships you will make.

Will I be ready for Full-Time Ministry after the completion of a First Year?
This is a difficult question to answer because each student is different. Masters Commission creates an environment for you to grow in God and in Leadership. Really, the answer depends on you. You get out what you put in. We won’t say that every student will be ready for full-time ministry after his or her stay here at Crossfire Masters Commission. Upon completion of a first year we encourage students to pursue involvement in ministry and further experience in developing leadership skills. In our second year program, we focus on leadership development and would encourage you to pursue this opportunity. However we do understand that there are some very driven and focused people that will have the skills and ability to enter into ministry on a full-time basis.

What are the different areas of ministry students of Crossfire MC are involved in?
Our home church, Crossfire World Outreach Ministries, is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to reach the lost. Our desire is to take the gospel into the highways & byways (wherever people are), compelling those without Christ to come to Him & those who know Him to take a deeper walk. As a Master’s Commission, we fulfill our vision when we fulfill the vision of our home church. While working in many different areas of ministry, each student chooses an elective to focus on. The following is a list of some of the ministries our students are involved in. Please call for an updated list of ministries.
· Crossfire Youth Church
· Children’s Ministry
· Worship Ministry
· Drama Ministry
· Bus and Van Ministry
· Television Ministries
· Urban Dance Teams
· Puppet Ministry
· Street Evangelism
· Sports Ministries
· School Assemblies
· Camps & Conferences
· Multi-Media Ministry
· Homeless Ministries
· World Missions
· Campus Ministries
· Jr. High Release Times
· Home Groups
· Youth Core Groups
· Prayer Ministry
· Hospital Visitation
· Prison Visitation
· Men’s Ministries
· Women’s Ministries
· Property Maintenance
· Publication Ministry
· Crisis Hotline
· Food Box Dist.
· Evangelistic Crusades
· Restoration Ministries
· Tambourine/Banner
· Children’s Tambourine

If I am accepted to Crossfire MC, what will I need to be prepared?
You will need to have a current Passport valid through Masters Commission graduation date. We encourage (but do not require) that you have a working car with current insurance (insurance will be required) throughout your time of ministry with us. Masters Commission will not take responsibility for vehicle maintenance. We highly recommend (but do not require) that you have health insurance. We also suggest that each student bring $1000 (not required) above tuition cost for personal expenses during their Ten-month stay.

Where do Crossfire MC students live?
Students live in newly remodeled dormitories located on our church property. The facilities include a personal space for each student with a bed, closet, bookshelf & shoe rack for each student, a locker room, a community living room shared between all MC students, kitchen, & lounge (with free washer/dryer units). The dorms are located in the heart of Springfield, only a few minutes walk from a Super Wal-Mart, as well as many other stores, restaurants and fast food eateries. Students of Crossfire MC are encouraged to have a vehicle, but because of our central location it is not a requirement. We are located about an hour East of the Oregon Coast and 2 hours South of Portland.

What is the Eugene/Springfield Area Like?
Eugene/Springfield makes up Oregon’s second largest metro area. Located along the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers in the heart of Lane County, Eugene and Springfield contain a dynamic mix of Eugene art galleries and Performing arts, shopping and dining, sports and entertainment. Our headquarters is located in the heart of Springfield, one of the most unchurched cities in one of the most unchurched states in the United States. This opens great doors of opportunity for outreach & ministries to the lost which are a focus in ministry at our home church as well as Crossfire Master’s Commission.

What is the price of tuition for a First and Second Year student?
Living Expense…………………………….$2,500.00
Education Expense……………………….$1,000.00
Trips and Evangelism Outreach………..$1,000.00
Administrative Cost……………………..$500.00

Total cost for a 1st and 2nd year CMC student….$5,000.00

Tuition does not include overseas Mission trips (not required) and there is a additional Education Tract for students looking for more education. For more information please email info@crossfiremc.com

Are you Affiliated with the Masters Commission International Network?
Yes, Crossfire Masters Commission was affiliated with the Masters Commission International Network in 2002 and has been in good standing order every year since.

Is Masters Commission for Me?
Ask yourself these questions:
Do you want a stronger foundation?
Do you want to take your relationship with God to the next level?
Do you want to be challenged?
Are you teachable, willing to be accountable, and say “here I am send me!”?
Is it time for you to stand up and be the impact?

If you answered yes to these questions Crossfire MC may be for you.

Crossfire Masters Commission is a Ministry of Crossfire World Outreach Ministries for more information visit http://www.mycrossfire.com