Who We Are


What is Crossfire Masters Commission? 


We are based in Springfield Oregon. Crossfire Masters Commission is an intense 10 month Christian discipleship program, for hungry passionate people that don’t want to live a normal life; but want to fulfill their calling and destiny in Christ. We provide a balanced growth environment to develop and equip the whole person. More than a traditional bible college, Crossfire Master’s Commission offers the education of a bible college combined with the experience of the ministry field. Master’s Commission helps shape a lifestyle of total commitment for Christians on all levels. We believe teaching Godly disciplines will provide direction during the most critical times of a person’s life. The Holy Spirit is given complete freedom to transform individuals into the image of the Master. Masters Commission is not structured to take care of “problem people” or those who need a Christian discipline program. We want to provide a year intense with discipleship and training for dedicated students that will last a lifetime.